Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reset the password of outlook when it linked with yahoomail

One of the most important thing in today's life is email. It is the first thing that a professional checks. In fact, even non-working people use emails to interact with others and to send and receive attachments, jokes, etc. Emails are the most important means of sharing files and information. Even though Orkut, Facebook, Linkedln, etc, are great means for interacting and sharing, it is still through emails that important information, specially personal details like phone number, credit card details etc are shared. So these accounts are very crucial for a user. Imagine what would happen if a user realized that the password of his account is lost. How will the user perform password recovery? After all, various important emails are received through it.
You have an account on Yahoo!, and since you do not have a wireless Internet connection, you have configured your Yahoo account on your laptop in the Outlook application. This helps you answer a number of mails and client queries while you are traveling between office and home. With the habit of changing your password every week on Monday, you ensure that your account doesn't get hacked or something. As is the case, you changed your password on Monday, and while returning home, you met with an accident, and were on rest for a couple of days. It is only after a month of rest that you start working. As usual you access the Yahoo email account to change your password, but you realize that you have forgotten the password of your account.
Though it is possible to keep receiving and sending mails, the inability to change the password bothers you. After all, what if your account gets hacked. It is important to keep changing the password. Well, don't fret! There are options to recover your Yahoo mail password through Outlook password recovery software. These are third-party password recovery applications that apply complex algorithms to to the file to extract the data from emails clients, like Outlook.

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