Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reset Netscape navigator password

Internet users often have several different passwords to access accounts and services on a daily basis. In such situations, it is sometimes not easy to remember passwords. When it comes to the popular Netscape Navigator web browser, which allows you to remember your passwords unique tool called Password Manager. However, the passwords, which have never been saved in the Password Manager can be lost or forgotten. But not to worry! There are several Password Recovery Software available that can recover passwords and allow you to have uninterrupted access to their accounts website.

Be careful with the use of similar passwords for all email accounts. This is not only a source of confusion, but it is also necessary if you want to avoid leakage of confidential information. Many Netscape users can not remember your newly created password (s) simply because they are determined according to security requirements and have no meaning at all useful, so it can be easily forgotten. Also, sometimes it is difficult to remember many passwords used to open accounts in Netscape Navigator web site.

A typical case is when a Netscape user accidentally deletes the password in an attempt to eliminate privacy settings password manager. As a result, he / she loses access to some web sites that have opened in Netscape Navigator. This is more so, due to the fact that he / she can not remember the exact password.

How to prevent password loss :

If security is not a problem, you can allow Password Manager to store passwords for websites for you. Each time, try to log on a new website in Netscape Navigator, asking if it should remember the password. You can click on "Do you want Password Manager to remember this logon? And avoid typing the user name and password on every other attempt to open the account on the website.

Password Recovery:

By default, Netscape stores all passwords in encrypted form in one of your log files. By the user of Appropriate Password Recovery Software, you can restore all missing or lost passwords for accounts opened in Netscape Navigator.

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