Monday, September 13, 2010

Accessing Windows Data After Forgetting Windows Password

Going for a vacation doesn't call for carrying my laptop. So on my last trip, I went without mine, and after I came back, and rejoined office, to my horror, it didn't accept my password. I didn't know what to do immediately. I had a few meetings lined up for the next day, and had to go through certain files in context with that. But my laptop had suddenly stopped accepting my password. Then I remembered, I had changed my password two days before leaving for my vacation. And since I had not accessed it during the two weeks that followed, I had forgotten what I had changed it to! I had to look for ways to recover Windows password for my laptop.
Darn! Why did I have to change the password at that time. I could have changed it after coming back from the vacation! I could have changed it to something simple. But now what? I didn't have an answer to it! I discussed this with the network administrator in my organization. Here is what he suggested for password recovery:
  • Use the password hint on the Welcome screen of your account. The hint can be accessed by clicking on the icon with question mark that appears next to your user account.
  • To access the account use the password reset disk. The 'Password Reset Wizard' guides you through the entire process, and lets you enter a new password, and access your data.
  • Another option is to change the password of account by accessing the computer using another user account (provided it is an administrative account)
  • Use Windows installation CD/DVD to boot the system, and choosing 'Repair your computer', and then changing the password at the command prompt.
I unfortunately did not set the password hint, or create a reset disk, nor had another account set on my computer. And my laptop wasn't bundled with any Windows installation CD or DVD. I was stuck! Now what? How could I recover Windows password? Then one of my colleagues that I have lunch with, came and reminded me that it was time for lunch. Seeing my face, he asked me the problem, and instantly gave me the solution, when I told him my problem.
I immediately downloaded Stellar Phoenix Password Recovery Software and reset my forgotten passwords from my Windows operating system. But this software didn't just do that, it could recover user names and passwords for my mail accounts that I accessed via, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, MSN Explorer, and Netscape Navigator. Whats more, this password recovery software recovers product keys and serial numbers of registered software as well.

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