Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Windows virus targets unwary iPad users with trojan attack

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No, this isn’t the good kind of Trojan(s) attack. Yes, there’s a new email scam that downloads malware onto your Windows machine, giving hackers control over your computer. No, your Mac won’t be affected.

That’s the short version. The slightly longer version has security firm BitDefender, putting out a report on a newly discovered virus attack that targets Windows users that happen to have an iPad. They are calling this piece of malware the Backdoor.Bifrose.AADY virus.

The virus is delivered through a seemingly legit iTunes update page. iPad users are sent emails encouraging them to click on a link to download an update that will add support for the iPad or improve the user experience. The page looks like any other stand-up iTunes update page, but the only thing it downloads is a virus that buries itself into explorer.exe and hands over control of your computer to somebody that’s not you. That would be bad, very bad.

If you have an iPad, use a Windows machine, and receive an email asking you to download something or click on a link, be forewarned – DO NOT follow through with the instructions. That is, unless you like having your computer turned into a zombie bot.

Mac users: don’t sweat it. Your compute runs an operating system that is so little-used that the hackers behind this virus (and almost all others) don’t waste their time trying to screw you over.

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