Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to- Password Recovery for Lost/Forgotten Windows Passwords?

In computing, Password is a string of characters or word, which is used to authenticate, gain access to resource, or to prove the identity, at the time of log-on. Password protection in Windows operating system prevents unauthorized access of confidential and critical business as well as personal data. Most of the applications enable you to set password to their files, such as email clients, web-based emails, FTP clients, and more. However, if you forget the password, you can not access the file. In such cases, you need to Recover Windows Password using appropriate tools.

If you have lost or forgotten password of your Microsoft Windows operating system, web browser, IM (Instant Messaging) client, or FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client, do not worry. You can regain access of all these applications through a number of methods, such as:

  • Password Hints: It is an easy method to recover lost Windows password. This is applicable only for the Windows operating system accounts. Password hint is generally located on Welcome screen beside password prompt text box. It gives a hint only if you have given some hint questions when you set the password.

  • Use Password Reset Disk: Windows operating system enables you to create password reset disk for recovering forgotten or lost password. You can easily create the password reset disk and use it to quickly recover password. But, if you do not have a password reset disk, because you have not created it when you set the password, this method can not help you.

  • Use Forgot Password Option: Web-based emails and IM clients enable you to recover lost or forgotten password. The option is available on the login screen. When you select this option, it takes you to a new screen where it asks your secondary email and security question. If you give correct answer, it sends your password through email.

If the above methods can not help you to Recover Windows Password, you need to opt for third-party Password recovery software These applications are capable of resetting the account password of your Windows computer.

The Password Recovery applications work with a number of other applications and recover lost user names and activation keys, along with password. To recover Windows account password, you need to create boot CD of these applications.

Author: Pavan sharma

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