Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to login Windows Vista if you don't have administrator password?

Do you forget Windows Vista Administrator Login Password ago? Oh no! Not to fear though there are ways to get back in, and I will lead you through the steps of password recovery , if your lost vista password, or it's a lost password, this tutorial is just for you!, you can also use some third party windows password recovery software to recover you password.

Step 1
First before we go on to the in depth steps, are you sure you can't remember and you forgot password? Have you thought of everything? Dates, names, places, foods, birthdays, etc?
Still can't remember?
Ok, not a problem, read on :-)

Step 2
Are you an administrator account or a standard user on the computer? If there are other users on the computer, and one of them is an administrator, they can go on and make the system reset password.
If your the administrator then your in a pickle! Keep reading :-)

Step 3
You should first try recovery tools password, which you will recover your password. Freeware programs I have listed some of the funds is very useful for the restoration of the password.

Step 4
If that fails the only other way would be to reinstall Windows....

Step 5
While this does not happen to you if you like, to prevent this by using a hard reset Windows Vista password, do so by following these steps please:

Step 6
provided by me

Click on the start button and then the control panel.

Step 7
provided by me

Next click on the user accounts and family safety icon.

Step 8
provided by me

Then click on user accounts on the next screen.

Step 9
provided by me

First insert a USB flash drive, or floppy, then in the menu on the left, click the create a password reset disk link.

Step 10
When the pop-up appears click next.
In the "I want to create a password key disk in the following drive: " choose your drive you want to write to.

Step 11
Click next, keep the disk in the drive, now enter your current password, and click next.

Step 12
When that is done, remove the disk and store it somewhere safe....this is your password reset disk

Step 13
To use this disk do the following:

If you forget your password and begin where you password is a connection, he said: "Forgot your password? You can insert your CD, click on this link and click continue.


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