Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tips to Create and Maintain Strong Password for Windows

The best way to protect your computer from hackers and unauthorized accesses is password. Protecting all the accounts on your computer with a strong password keeps you away from the fear of losing your valuable data through unwanted means. However, do you know that what exactly is a strong password? Most of the times we think that we have applied a strong password for protecting our system, but a hacker cracks it too and we do not understand why.

Well, in such cases the password you think is a strong password does not come under this category because it may have:
  • Less than eight characters
  • Your user name, company name, or your real name
  • A complete word
  • Exactly same as a previous password
  • Not containing characters from each of the following four categories:
    • 1st Category of Characters: ‘Upper Case Letters’: A, B, C, and so on.
    • 2nd Category of Characters: Lower Case Letters’: a, b, c, and so on.
    • 3rd Category of Characters: Numerals: 0, 1, 2, 3, and so on.
    • 4th Category of Characters: Symbols: `, !, ~, $, %, #, *, and so on.
If your password is containing characters from all the above character sets, is having more than or equal to eight characters, and is not a common word, then you can categorize it under strong password. However, a password can be a week password even after meeting all the above criteria. For example Complete12# is a week password because it is containing a complete word, whereas Com 12 lete# is a relatively stronger one. This is because the second password has replaced some of the characters from numbers and included the space as well.

Therefore, remember the following points before creating password to make it strong:
  • Length of the password: The first requirement is to have long password. Ensure that your password is having more than eight characters.
  • Make it complex: Do not provide a complete word because password hacking tools easily crack a full word. To make it complex, use your complete keyboard, include alphabets, numeric characters, and symbols more vividly and thus ensure security.
  • Change it regularly: It is always recommended to change your password on regular basis at least once in every quarter.
  • Keep it different: Using same password for multiple applications calls the threat. Try to keep different passwords for different applications.
However, following the above recommendations for creating password from your computer, there can be chances wherein you may forget the password. Some of the tips for maintaining and remembering strong passwords are:
  • Create a phrase or acronym for passwords, such as My wife’s birthday is January 14 and use this phrase as Mvibdi Z 14/Jan.
  • Create something new in your password like relate it with your favorite hobby or sport  such as you love swimming as Iluv 2 sw!m.
However, despite this if you forget your Windows system password then you for sure encounter the loss of your entire information. In such situations using proficient Windows password recovery software is recommended. Professional password recovery tool for Windows resets Windows passwords for user login and administrator accounts and thus overcomes the unavailability of precious information stored in your system. 

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