Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Efficient Options to Unprotect the Protected Excel Sheet

MS Excel is one of the popular applications of MS Office suite, but is more widely used by the people who belong to financial field. Charted accountants, stenos, accountants, brokers, etc use this useful application to store their critical financial data. To protect their crucial data from unauthorized access, this very efficient application of MS Office suite enables password protection. Users can protect their Excel sheet at two levels:
  • Level 1: Password to Open: You can restrict the access of your Excel worksheet to authorized users only, by providing ‘password to open’ to it. After applying this password, no unauthorized user is able to open your Excel sheet. Whoever wants to access this password protected sheet has to provide the correct password.
  • Level 2: Password to Modify: You can prevent your Excel sheet from being modified by unauthorized persons by applying ‘Password to Modify’. In this way, the users who know the password to modify the sheet can only make changes in it.
In order to enable strong protection, it is recommended to provide both the passwords. Despite the usefulness of this option of MS Office, there can be situations in which, you may forget any of the above mentioned passwords. However, manual methods are there by which you can unprotect or remove the ‘Password to Modify’ applied on your Excel sheet. One of the best and most efficient manual methods for the same is:
  • Using the Google Account: You can use your Google account to remove or edit the applied ‘Password to Modify’ password. The steps for this are:
  • Login in to your Gmail account
  • Select the ‘Documents’ option provided at the menu bar of your account
  • Click on the icon that is indicating document upload
  • Browse your password protected Excel sheet
  • Now you have to open this uploaded file with spreadsheet option of your Google mail as ‘File>>Open with>>Google Spreadsheets’ and make all the changes that you want.
  • After this download your edited file as Excel sheet.
  • Upon opening this downloaded file, you will see its ‘Protected View’. To remove the editing password, click the ‘Enable Editing’ button.
However, if you want to recover the ‘Password to Open’ applied to your Excel sheet, then you need to use a professional Excel password recovery tool. Reliable software uses ‘Brute Force Attack’ mechanism to ensure the success of the password recovery. Therefore, for cases in which you have forgotten the ‘Password to Open’ or the manual method is unable to do any needful, then use of a reliable password recovery software is recommended.

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