Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How To Recover Password Of Chit-Chat For Facebook Instant Messenger

Chit-chat for facebook is instant messaging desktop application for chatting with facebook friends. It uses Facebook login details email id and password. If you ever forget or lost password of chit chat instant messenger then you can recover it from . If you could not able to recover with that option then third party chit chat password recovery software is only option to regain access of your account.

In password loss situation first try to recover password with, follow given steps for facebook password recovery.

  1. Type in your web browsers address bar.
  2. Now click on “Forget your password ?” option.

  1. You will send on Trouble Accessing Your Account ? Page.

  1. Enter you registered Email ID or Mobile number with correct CAPTCHA and click on Continue.
  2. Now click Reset My Password on Confirm Password Reset Request page.

  1. Now Check Inbox of your email. You will receive a confirmation code, insert confirmation code and click on submit.

  1. Now you will get option to enter New password and Confirm Password. Insert here your desire password and click on Change Password option.
  2. Login into facebook account with new password.

Use this new password to login into chit-chat for Facebook tool. In any situation if you are not able to reset your chit chat for Facebook password with above written method then don't worry there is one way which allow to recover chit chat for Facebook password. This instant messaging tool basically saves password in encrypted file. There are few tools are available which can decrypt password file and retrieve password. One such tool is Stellar Phoenix Messengers Password Recovery Software. Use it to recover lost or forgotten password of chit-chat for Facebook instant messenger.

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