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Excel Password Remover to Reset Password of Protected Excel File

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Are you searching for an option to protect your Microsoft Excel sheet? Or you do not want any one to make any alteration in your MS-Workbook? Or you do not want anyone to even open your MS-Excel sheet until and unless you provide him/her a password? Then don't worry! This is possible with latest versions of Microsoft office. Confidentiality and privacy are the two words which developed the need of password protection in your Microsoft Office Suit applications. Therefore, you can save your important Microsoft Excel sheet in three different manners like:

  • Password To Open: Applying this utility no one can even open your excel sheet until and unless he/she has the password. You can do this via Save As>>Tools>>Security Options and an existing one Main Menu>>Tools>>Options>>Security.
  • Password To Modify: So, after applying this protection, you can protect your Excel sheet from unwanted changes. Thus, the people who only know the password can make alterations in your MS-Excel sheet. To do so go to Tools>>Protect Document or Unprotect Document

However, to remember a lot of password is out of the strength of humans and provide the same password to different files does also not make sense. Hence, various big organizations which use password to protect their Excel sheets also provide use MS Excel password recovery tool.

Let me tell you my example. I joined a new office last week, the person whose work I have to handle, had protected some of his Excel files and went without telling their password to anyone. However, to start the work I have to view few of them. The situation became worse when I found out that I can not even open some of the very important files. I immediately told the whole situation to my Team Lead and he recommended me to contact the system administration department. I contacted them and told them the case. Therefore, to recover Excel password, they installed a password recovery software in my computer and in just few clicks and short time I all of the passwords were saved in the text document format at the prescribed location in my computer.

An efficient Excel password remover software can recover both the passwords 'to open' and 'to modify'. These software use Brute-Force attack mechanism to give you 100% result. The software which I used provides various parameters that help to narrow down the search for Excel password. Hence, most of the software can recover the password from Excel sheets created in MS Excel 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.
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