Friday, October 8, 2010

Reset Your Windows Server password Even if the Administrator is Not Available

It is highly recommended that a user applies strong passwords to their accounts! Be it for their Windows account or for their important files, and for their email clients as well. Not only that, every utility that is available in the market, supports and suggests that. In fact many sites have made it mandatory to apply password with more than eight characters with a combination of numbers, both cases and special characters. Needless to say, it prevents your account from getting hacked, and thus protects your valuable data. But remembering the casing and correct sequence of the characters is one problem task. And that is why, this highly recommended feature too has its negative effects. To access your system in such a case, you have to perform Server password recovery.
Setting of Windows passwords requires the password to meet certain conditions that have been defined in the password policy for the Windows Server. A Server is defined to control all the systems in the domain, and is also referred as domain controller.
Consider, your company has lost its Administrator in an accident, and the new guy who has taken over, doesn't obviously know the Windows Server password. In this situation, you find it absolutely essential to get the password reset for the system, and to have a new administrator password set in its place.
To handle such a situation, you have little option but to set a new password for your Windows Server.
With the availability of reliable software for Windows server domain controller password recovery, it is not a difficult for a user to get the password reset and to get things back on track. The only difficulty is choosing the most powerful password that is capable of resetting any password, irrespective of how strong the password is. A reliable software can apply strong algorithms to the system, to reset the password. Most of the tools that are available in the market for Server password recovery do not give complete recovery, especially in case the special characters are used.

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