Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reset CuteFTP password in easy steps

CuteFTP, a file transfer protocol (FTP) applications, easy loading, unloading and to editing files on remote FTPs computer user worldwide. It is one of the most popular FTP clients professional e-mail, which is available for Windows and Mac Given that CuteFTP is used to access important FTP accounts, password protection plays a vital role in maintaining the confidentiality of data. What if I forget or lose your password? Do not worry, read on to find the solution to password recovery.

CuteFTP password encryption is not too strong. Use single character (ASCII) text substitution cipher and plain text for storing passwords and encryption keeps a table that can be derived easily. These passwords are stored in a file called SMDATA. DAT, which also gives remote attackers the opportunity to access the file and decrypt the passwords.

The application has an option that can be used to store FTP site, including username, IP address, and password for immediate access later. CuteFTP directory stores data in encrypted form on file SMDATA.DAT.

CuteFTP offers many capabilities that make it a favorite of businessmen, professionals working, and several other categories of users. However, with so many passwords, PIN numbers, etc to remember, chances are that you can lose or forget the password associated. This can occur if you:

• Lose the file or document that the password has been written
• Forget the password that you do not access the account long

CuteFTP Password Recovery is simple. All you need do is download software password recovery supports recovery of lost or forgotten password CuteFTP. The related information can be found on the official website of the relevant application.

In general, applications password recovery is easy to operate, and exclusively designed to enable password access simple and fast. Unless used for piracy purposes of data (that is possible with free software, etc), these programs can be valid tools to recover lost or forgotten password for applications such as CuteFTP.

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