Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tips for recovering windows admin password

If you have forgotten or lost the newly-changed Windows administrator password, you know you are knee-deep in trouble. In the absence of a correct password, it is impossible for you to log on and access information from your system. The defense mechanism set by you has backfired since you are now unable to access your data. What next? Thankfully, there are ways to tackle such situations, but you have to do preparations beforehand. After doing some settings, you can make sure that if in future you come face-to-face with a password loss situation, you have an alternate solution available to perform Windows password recovery.

Resetting Windows password is the key to resolving your password recovery woes. How? Well, I am providing you a list of steps which you can consider in order to prepare yourself if ever need arises to recover Windows administrator password:

Use password reset disk: You can make use of a password reset disk to gain access to your Windows-based system in case you lose or forget your Windows password. Execute the following steps:

  • Click Start, go to Control Panel

  • Click User accounts

  • Click the administrator account in the User Accounts tab

  • On the left side under Related Tasks window, click Prevent a forgotten password option

  • Insert a removable disk in drive A and click Next

  • Type the password for administrator account in the Current user account password box and click Next

  • When the process reaches 100 per cent completion, click Next and Finish

  • Remove the disk and store it safely

Restore the operating system: Windows password recovery can be performed by restoring the operating system. Since restoration leads to data deletion, the solution can only work if you have a clean and updated backup of your hard drive data stored somewhere else.

Use Windows Boot disk: The boot CD for Windows can be used to reset the administrator password. This disk enables you to repair Windows OS, thereby, setting your administrator password as blank.

Use password recovery software: The best solution, however, is to download a third-party software. These tools enable you to reset Windows administrator password without posing any threat to your hard drive data.

Among several password recovery software available, Stellar Phoenix Password Recovery is an easy-to-employ application which can be used to reset lost or forgotten password of not only Windows administrator account but web browsers, FTP servers, chat messengers, mail clients etc. The application is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and server (2000-2008).

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