Friday, August 20, 2010

Lost windows admin password ? Follow these steps to recover..

Have you ever encountered a situation where you have lost your all important Windows password, and you are locked out of your system? Well, I have! And believe me, it is one messy situation to handle! But with a few Password recovery steps, it is possible to access your Windows system and recover critical data from it.

  • If you are a cautious user, then you must have created a password reset diskette. Just insert that to reset your administrative password.

  • If you can log on as an administrator, then you can reassign a password to your account.

  • If you have not created a password reset disk previously, or cannot log on as an administrator, and have encountered this situation, like me, you still have two options:

  • Use MS Windows boot disk to repair the operating system. This sets the password as blank and allows you to set a new password after the next boot.

  • Another is to reinstall Windows and all the other programs that had been installed earlier on your computer, to use it.

  • But, if you do not have Windows boot disk, and thus cannot perform the above stated step, then you need to opt for a third-party tool to recover Windows password. These are special Password recovery software that deploy complicated algorithms to reset the password of your Windows operating system. These software recover passwords for most of the Windows applications, product key serial number, and user names and passwords of all the accounts accessed through web browsers, e-mail clients, and FTP clients installed on the computer.

A popular software capable of delivering above stated functions/features is Stellar Phoenix Password Recovery. Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, Server (2000-2008), and 2000, this Password recovery software has a simple graphical user interface, detailed documentation, and read only nature along with the live update feature to upgrade itself to the latest version.

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