Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to recover forgotten password of emailing sites from Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open sourced Web browser, which many people use it all around the world. It is a multi-tabbed browser that provides various types of extensions to let you do multi-tasking while working on a single site only. It is a very light-weighted browser that makes surfing really a nice experience. In addition, this browser supports adding various add-ons that it keeps on adding to its armory. One such add-on is the Better Cache add-on that enables you to control the cache settings so that you can judiciously use the bandwidth on offer. One of its options is the 'Everytime a site opens' option which saves the cache settings for a particular site everytime you open it. This is particularly useful when you have stored the passwords of your email accounts in the browser. In such scenarios, you can recover password of your email accounts and other sites using a password recovery software.
Consider a scenario wherein you use 'gmail' to perform the emailing tasks in Mozilla Firefox 3.5 at your organization. As a safe practice, you usually change your password every month or so as you are using gmail on public system. However, this time around when you tried to login to your account you are unable to do so. You tried hard to recall the recently changed password but were unable to remember it. Also, you tried to use different combinations of password that you used previously to set the password but to no avail.
In such situations, you should use a third-party windows password recovery software to get the password back. Such tools are extremely useful in such kinds of situations and recover password without much difficulty. However, there is one condition that needs to be true for the exact password recovery. You should enable the setting that remembers the passwords of all the email sites in the cache. Also, you should not remove the history of the Internet usage to make the password recovery successful.

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