Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Easy ways to recover lost or forgotten Windows administrator password

Computer users often password protect their Windows administrator account in order to avoid security breaches. This way they restrict the unauthorized people to gain access to their vital, sensitive and personal information. The administrator password is usually created at the time of operating system installation. Through administrator account, you can customize your machine in whichever way you want. In order to secure information from any possible threat, you must set a complex password including alphanumeric and special characters. However, setting a strong password has its own disadvantages. You might come across situations when you could not recall the administrator password and could not log on into your system. Fortunately, you can overcome the problem by opting for a reliable Windows password recovery software.
Forgetting crucial passwords is a common thing in today's computer dominated world. You might have to remember different passwords for different applications and e-mail clients. This situation aggravates the problem, as you cannot recall a forgotten password. Also, losing administrator password can come across as a nightmarish experience as it renders you with data inaccessibility. Luckily, you can follow the below-mentioned steps in order to recover Windows administrator password:
  • Try to look for a possible clue near you. You might have preserved the password in some hard copy or a sheet of paper or a CD.
  • Try a set of other frequently used passwords. It might click as people often set same passwords for different applications.
  • If you are not concerned about the data stored on your computer, and want to gain access to your computer again, then you can consider reinstalling Windows.
  • If nothing works, and you want to restore access to your PC as soon as possible, then use a third-party password recovery software.
Such password recovery tools are the most effective way to reset the administrator password. Windows store all passwords in a hashed format in a file called as SAM (Security Accounts Manager). These Windows password recovery software basically go through these files and reset the administrator account and other passwords.
You can download a password recovery tool from the Internet and recover administrator account password within minutes.

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