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Type of passwords for windows operating system

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For providing security to your computer system, what usually you do ?. Very simple, lock your computer with passwords. But do you know how many types of passwords that you can apply on windows operating system ?. Basically three types of password you can apply to providing security to you data. But when you lost or forget these password then how will you get access of your computer so that you can get your valuable data. You need to use windows password recovery software to get access of your computer again.
There are basically three type password by which you can lock your computer:
1)Administrator password: This is most common and easiest way to provide security to our data. By few mouse clicks you can provide administrator password to your data. Different version of windows OS have different option to set administrator password.
a) In windows 2000 or XP : Click on Start->Run , in run window type lusrmgr.msc and click “OK”. A window will be open Double click on User folder , on the right hand site list of users will open, right click on administrator folder and select Set Password.
b) In Windows Vista: Click on Start--->Start Search, in search window wight lusrmgr.msc, and proceed as above.
2)BIOS Password: BIOS is the first program that on you computer when you start your computer. So you can set password for BIOS so that it restrict unauthenticated user to access your computer.
For setting this password you need to reboot your computer, then a massage will appear “ Press Del key for BIOS setting ”(Some BIOS ask for F2 or F10). When you hit respective key BIOS windows will appears, In the mane of BIOS you will find “Security” click on that and you will find option for setting password.
3)Hard Disk password: If you required high security then use this method to provide password to your computer. It is very secure but little bit risky because if you forget your Hard disk password then your not able to access your hard drive even on different computer system.

How to set Hard Disk Password: It is very easy to set hard drive password, steps for setting password are given below:

Open BOIS----->Select security--------->Select Hard disk password.
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