Monday, May 10, 2010

How To Reset Windows Administrator Password

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In the case when you lost or forget windows administrator password then there is no need to worry, because there are several ways why which you can reset your windows account password.

1)Use different profile
2)Use command prompt to reset password
3)Use third party windows password recovery software.

1)Use different profile to reset password: If you are able to log on with different user account which have administrative credentials then use following steps to reset your administrator password.
a) Log on with different account which have administrative credentials. May be you need to run your computer in to safe mode.

b) Click Start------>Click Run

c)In Run Box type “Control userpasswords2”---> Click OK

d)A window will open then click the account for which you forget password. Then click “Reset password”.

e)Type new password and click “OK”

2)Use Command Prompt To Reset Password: You can reset your windows administrator password with command prompt.
a) Log on with valid account
b)Open Command Prompt.
c)For getting list of users Type:- net user
d)Type : net user administrator * , this will provide list of user which have administrative credentials.
e) type: net user (any account on that list)* , you will get prompt for password
Enter password then confirm it.
3)Use third party software to reset password: If you are not able to reset your windows administrator password by using above methods then use third party windows password recovery software to reset your windows password.

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