Monday, March 19, 2012

How To Create Excel Content With Restricted Permission

Apart from applying password on excel workbook you can also apply restriction on content. Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 has Information Rights Management (IRM) feature with that you can apply restriction on particular content. Restricted content can be visible only by authorized users. Only owner of document can apply content restriction, it required email ID or name person you want to give permission.
Follow the steps given below to apply content restriction..
  1. Start MS office excel 2003 and create new workbook.
  2. Go to File menu > Permission > Do Not Distribute.
  3. From Permission dialog box, select the Restrict permission to this check box.
  4. In the Read and Change boxes, type the names or e-mail addresses of people you want to give permission.

Note: - If you want to give all users permission, click Give all users Read access to the right of the Read box, or click Give all users Change access to the right of the Change box.
  1. Click OK, save your workbook and distribute to the people with permission.
You can allow users to view content without Microsoft Office 2003, the steps are written below
  1. In the Permission dialog box, click More Options.
  1. Under Additional settings, select the Allow users with earlier versions of Office to read with browsers supporting Information Rights Management check box.
If you want that only those users which have Internet connection can access your excel workbook then apply below written settings.
  1. In the Permission dialog box, click more Options.
  1. Under Additional settings, select the ‘Require a connection to verify a user's permission’ check box.
You can apply number of restriction for different purpose on excel workbook. But applying “password to open” and “password to modify” are the best way to protect excel workbook from unauthorized.

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