Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to create password reset disk in windows 7

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Windows 7 has excellent security features. It come with very strong login security, you can set login password in several ways. These strong security features sometimes create problems for user. If user or admin of windows 7, forget login password then windows does not allow to access files and folders. To regain access of your account you need to recover windows 7 password. You can easily reset it with "Reset Disk" if you ever created, It allows to create new password without having old. Reset disk is created for local user accounts, it is not applicable for remote systems. Use password recovery software if you don't have reset disk.
Follow these steps to create password "Reset disk": It will help to create new login password when you lost it. To create reset disk you need a storage media like floppy disk, floppy drive or USB flash drive. CD/DVD are not allowed in this process.
1) Insert storage media.
2) Open user account and click on start button.
3) Open Control Panel.
4) Click User Accounts and Family Safety.
5) Now Click on User Accounts.
6) You will a option Create a password reset disk, Click on this option.
7) Fill all required entries and finish.
Your password reset disk has been created, it is advisable that store this disk at safe place because if anyone got this disk, can easily access you computer system. what you can do if you don't have this reset disk and you lost access of your computer? Simple solution of your problem is password recovery tools. These tools are not need to install because they come with bootable CD. These tools are very advance, does not alter windows security setting while recovery process. Several tools are available first install demo version if you are satisfied with result then go with full version.
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