Saturday, January 30, 2010

How-to Recover Windows Login Passwords

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Windows security is sad. Although most of you have probably already read my article about using strong passwords, even the strongest passwords won’t keep your Windows login account from being penetrated. In fact, it takes only a couple of minutes to gain complete access to a Windows system using nothing more than a free CD ROM.Now, if there is any good news – people are constantly locking themselves out of their personal laptops and home computers by forgetting the password. And recently I’ve had two different friends do this within a period of a couple of days. So you guys know how this works… when I start getting requests, I document the solution.
So, how easy could it be? Here are the instructions:

  • Download the ophcrack CD. (Bad news, it’s 455 MB.)
  • Burn it to a CD ROM.
  • Put the CD in your machine and reboot it.
You should be able to follow any of the on screen instructions and have access to your computer again within minutes. Here is a little video demonstrating the process, though it’s highly unnecessary.
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